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Jerry Blevins’ car destroyed while being shipped home

Oct 22, 2013, 2:38 PM PDT

It looks like Oakland Athletics reliever Jerry Blevins can now add car shopping to his offseason to-do list.

On Monday, Blevins’ Cadillac was destroyed when the truck that was transporting the vehicle was clipped by a commuter train. Two passengers on the train suffered minor injuries. The accident happened in Bartlett, Illinois and was documented by NBC Chicago.

Train #2242 struck the semi-truck, which was carrying a load of new cars, and dragged it around 100 feet east on the Milwaukee District/West line.

Blevins was obviously nowhere near the car when the accident happened and is in perfect health. He tweeted a link to the NBC Chicago video that apparently shows his wrecked car being rolled upright.

Here’s a picture of the car from the report. You can also watch the video.


Blevins’ teammates offered their condolences on Twitter.

While it is an inconvenience, at least he will be getting a large insurance check. He’ll be riding in a brand new car in no time.

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