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Field of Links: Jim Harbaugh clearly loves TV shows

Oct 24, 2013, 9:17 AM PDT

Jim Harbaugh on a 1994 episode of Saved By The Bell.

Is anyone else noticing this trend? Jim Harbaugh loves television shows. First, he appeared on Saved By The Bell. Next, he was seen in Judge Judy’s courtroom. Most recently, he said he wouldn’t be opposed to having the 49ers’ Training Camp opened up for HBO’s Hard Knocks.

On Wednesday, Harbaugh turned his press conference around on the international media because he had to know what was going on with a British TV drama called The Foyle’s War. Our 49ers Insider Matt Maiocco was on hand in the United Kingdom to capture the moment.

“I just love that show,” Harbaugh said. “I’ve watched them all. Big fan – Michael Kitchen and Honeysuckle Weeks. Did I get that right?”

You can see the video below. Harbaugh is a very complex and interesting man. He needs his own reality show. Then again, between his press conferences and sideline theatrics, he probably gets enough time on the screen.

— Speaking of reality shows, we’re still forced to keep up with the “Kimye” saga in the Bay Area. Kanye West performed at Oracle Arena on Wednesday and the Raiders provided a nice little gift for the rapper, his new fiance and baby North West.

— The Golden State Warriors were defeated by the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday night. The preseason loss hasn’t changed the fact they are one of the trendiest picks to have a huge season. On Wednesday, it was even revealed that Stephen Curry is on the regional cover of Sports Illustrated. There will be a lot of pressure on the team to back up the hype they are receiving. High expectations can be a dangerous thing writes Comrade Ratto:

…when so many people climb on your bandwagon, you learn to fear for the sturdiness of your axles.

Remember when we told you about the time Cam Zink did the largest backflip in the history of mountain biking and only finished third? Well, in a recent event, Kelly McGarry did a 72-foot backflip and only finished in second place. Really? I’m starting to question the validity of the scoring in this sport. What did the first place guy do? Ride up the mountain backwards?

You’ll absolutely flip for these links. Click and enjoy.

Field of Links:

Maybe cheerleader Mikayla Clark has a mountain bike and is taking all of the first place trophies. Here she is doing a record 44 back handsprings in a row.

Jimmy Fallon had puppies predict the 2013 World Series outcome. Find out if they were able to sniff out the Game 1 winner.

— The puppies didn’t predict this. Yahoo! Sports pointed out how similar the Torii Hunter and Carlos Beltran wall crashes were. They both were the result of a David Ortiz blast with the bases loaded. Beltran actually caught his ball, but hurt his ribs in the process.


— The Toronto Maple Leafs haven’t won a Stanley Cup since 1967, so they are raising a banner in their arena in honor of Bon Jovi instead.

— This guy really — I mean really — likes Dr. Pepper. This feels way too staged.


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