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Case of the Mondays: Flipping birds, Kaepernicking, and walkoff weirdness

Oct 28, 2013, 9:40 AM PDT


Welcome to A case of the Mondays. There’s always a lot going on during the weekend. If you weren’t lucky enough to spend the past two days on the couch, you can catch up on the top five sports items you may have missed here.

No. 1 – Tarver flips the bird: War Pigeon used to be the most talked about bird at the Oakland Coliseum. Not anymore. Raiders defensive coordinator Jason Tarver sort of lost it during his team’s 21-18 win on Sunday. He flipped off referees and yelled a few words that probably won’t fly with the league.

By choosing to lift one wrong finger, our Raiders Insider Scott Bair writes that Tarver can expect a five-figure fine. It’s like they say, a bird in the hand is worth 50 grand to the commish. Or something like that.

No. 2 – The Bay Area’s running quarterbacks are fast: Colin Kaepernick was ready to steal the local headlines with his fleet-footed effort on the mushy turf at Wembley Stadium.


One does not simply partake in ‘Kaepernicking’ before making sure it’s appropriate

Kap ran for 54 yards and two touchdowns against the Jaguars. But Terrelle Pryor stole the show on the Raiders’ first play from scrimmage, when he broke a 93-yard touchdown run. TP2’s run was the longest such run by a quarterback in NFL history.

The accolades don’t stop there. It was also the longest touchdown run in Oakland Raiders history. Bo Jackson held the previous record with a 92-yard touchdown.

Kaepernick has 294 rushing yards this season, but Pryor has almost 100 more yards on the ground (391) and the Raiders have already had their bye week.

The careers of these two young men will be incredibly fun to watch.

No. 3 – The Union Jags: There’s a loyal group of Jacksonville Jaguars fans in the United Kingdom called “The Union Jags.” They are clearly a resilient bunch. The San Francisco 49ers’ 42-10 walloping of the Jags was one of the least embarrassing aspects of their day. No one expected the Jags to win the game, and the “Jaguras” didn’t need any help making fools of themselves.


When this is the coolest Jaguars related thing that happened during the game, you know you’ve hit rock bottom:


No. 4 – This World Series is weird: No World Series game had ever ended on an obstruction call. Then on Saturday, this happened: 


No World Series had ever ended on a pickoff. Then on Sunday, this happened: 


I’m thinking Game 5 will be decided by a walkoff bean ball.  

No. 5 – The best catch of the weekend: Watch how Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant uses his facemask to cradle the ball while fighting off two defenders before landing and maneuvering to stay in bounds. Bryant made this overthrown ball into double coverage look like a perfect strike.


Later, he made Terrell Owens look like an angel with an epic sideline meltdown. Because America’s Team is all class. 


Three to see:

If you’ve made it this far, clearly you have some time on your hands. Here are three stories that you simply must see:

Kansas State remade the open to Fresh Prince of Bel Air and it is perfection.

This Fresno State touchdown was no-doubt the weirdest scoring effort of the weekend. You know it’s good when the video is from a guy shooting his TV with a cell phone! It only enhances the weirdness.

The Ohio State Marching Band melted minds with their movie themed effort.


(H/T Deadspin for the GIF)

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