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Case of the Mondays: A(‘s)T&T Park?, Raiders’ worst day ever, The best of the weekend

Nov 4, 2013, 9:42 AM PST

Yoenis Cespedes stands in the on-deck circle at AT&T Park. Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to A case of the Mondays. There’s always a lot going on during the weekend. If you weren’t lucky enough to spend the past two days on the couch, you can catch up on the top five sports items you may have missed here.

No. 1 – San Francisco A’s?: Jon Heyman’s dream could be realized. Could the Oakland Athletics actually be calling “ATandT Park” home? On Sunday, the webosphere went into full meltdown mode when the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Major League Baseball is threatening to have the A’s play home games in their crosstown rival’s stadium.

Don’t count on it happening. The A’s and the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority are negotiating a lease extension. The Coilseum officials thought they had the A’s backed into a corner. Where else would the A’s play if not at the Oakland Coliseum? The authority found out the hard way that you don’t play hardball with the people that invented the game. Major League officials basically made a power play to take away the leverage in the situation. Now the A’s and the Coliseum can find a more reasonable middle ground. According to the report, the Coliseum authority is seeking a five-to-eight year lease, while baseball is pushing for two years.


Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

No. 2 – The Raiders had the worst day ever: Only three players in NFL history have thrown for seven touchdowns and zero interceptions in a single game: Y.A. Tittle, Peyton Manning, and Nick Foles. Wait, Nick Foles? Yup.

Foles, the Philadelphia Eagles’ backup quarterback, embarrassed the Oakland Raiders on Sunday in a 49-20 rout. In just his ninth career start, Foles actually had more touchdowns (7) than incomplete passes (6) against the Raiders defense. To make matters worse, three of those touchdowns were caught by one of the most hated players in the NFL. Oh, and it gets much worse than that.

Raiders’ first round pick D.J. Hayden was torched on for three of the seven touchdowns. It actually still gets worse. Terrelle Pryor left the game with a knee injury and Darren McFadden left the game with a hamstring strain. Oh, it also happened at home and on a week without the 49ers playing.


source:  No. 3 – Burnzie’s buzz cut for charity: Money doesn’t grow on trees, but it does grow on San Jose Sharks forward Brent Burns’ head. Burns got buzzed on Friday and managed to raise over $20,000 in the process.

Burns shed his flowing locks and mountain man beard after taking donations from fans online. The money he raised will benefit Defending The Blueline, The Katie Moore Foundation and The Sharks Foundation.

The before and after images are jarring. Burns even somehow managed to sprout a few new teeth during the shaving process.

No. 4 – Boyle returns: After suffering a terrifying injury on October 15, Sharks defenseman Dan Boyle returned to game action this weekend. The veteran managed to score a goal and then deliver a symbolic punch to the spot on the glass where his collision occurred.


Boyle missed seven games and spent time in the hospital after he was knocked unconscious by St. Louis Blues forward Maxim Lapierre. Meanwhile, Lapierre was suspended just five games. Despite the goal, Boyle told our Sharks Insider Kevin Kurz that he wasn’t happy with his performance on Saturday.

“Definitely didn’t feel like my normal self out there, but that was to be expected,” said Boyle, after the Sharks’ 3-2 shootout loss to the Phoenix Coyotes. “I’ll definitely get better in a hurry, and quickly.”

No. 5 – Davone Bess’ ankle-breaking juke: The most unreal play of the weekend belonged to an Oakland native. Cleveland Browns wide receiver Davone Bess busted out a downright silly video game juke for a touchdown against the defending Super Bowl Champions. Bess left Ladarius Webb buckled after being juked straight out of his pads and then jogged in for a touchdown. Bess’ Browns upset the Ravens 24-18.


Three to see:

If you’ve made it this far, clearly you have some time on your hands. Here are three stories that you simply must see:

People (mascots included) should stop rappelling from arena rafters. Have we learned nothing from the Owen Hart incident?


You can do anything you want when you win a World Series in Boston. Here’s Mike Napoli taking a casual topless stroll around town.

— Meanwhile, Pamela Anderson kept her top on and finished the New York City Marathon in under six hours.

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