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MC Hammer and Oakland Fight Club create a new Raiders Anthem

Nov 4, 2013, 4:05 PM PST

The Oakland Raiders never have any issues with their street cred. As a result, fans donning the silver and black now have yet another song to bump during their tailgate parties.

Bay Area rappers MC Hammer, Gigs 510, Ace Kayo, Mistah FAB and Black Dreez form a group called Oakland Fight Club, and they created a new anthem for Raiders fans. The collaboration is fittingly called Raider Nation. They even shot the music video at the Oakland Coliseum while the Raiders took on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Before spitting his lyrics on the field, Hammer even took over the pre-game player introductions — a fitting duty for a self proclaimed master of ceremonies.

Hammer drops the final verse of the song and even sneaks in a little love to the Oakland Athletics and a salute to Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson. Hopefully this doesn’t mean that Hammer is beefing with Vallejo based rapper, E-40, who made a San Francisco 49ers song last year.

The Raiders are commonly the subject of musical tributes. They even have their own Pandora Radio station.

Some other notable Oakland Raiders anthems: 

Come and Get It (2012) – Performed by Ice Cube

Silver & Black (2002) – Performed by Luniz

Silver And Black Attack (1986) – Performed by the Oakland Raiders

The Autumn Wind (1974) – Written by Steve Sabol for NFL Films

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