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Kings’ ownership teams up with fans for ‘Here We Roar’ night

Nov 6, 2013, 4:51 PM PST

Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson calls for fan involvement during the fourth quarter against the Atlanta Hawks at Sleep Train Arena. Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of quiet keyboard clicks will soon result in a deafening roar. On Monday, a few Sacramento Kings fans started a movement called “Here We Roar.” The idea was to get the entire fan base to come together and set a Guinness World Record for arena noise on November 15, at Sleep Train Arena.

The idea all started with a passionate blog, sprouted legs on social media, and grew wings and took flight when the majority owner of the Sacramento Kings, Vivek Ranadive, acknowledged the idea and put it into motion.

Never question the power of the internet.

Kings fans will have an opportunity to take back a record that they believe once was theirs. They want to re-establish their fan base as the loudest in the NBA.

“Back in 2006, Kings fans set a Guinness World Record for crowd noise,” said Kevin Fippin, the author of the editorial that started the “Here We Roar” movement. “It was highly publicized and promoted, but there’s pretty much no trace of this ever happening anywhere on the internet.” 

With that in mind, he fired up Kings fans and the new ownership group was listening. It is, after all, hard to stop Kings fans when they set their mind to something. See: Here We Stay.

The date for the Guinness World attempt was carefully chosen. The Kings take on the Detroit Pistons on national television that night. The game will air on the same network that labeled them the worst franchise in professional sports.

The Kansas City Chiefs recently set the record for the loudest outdoor sports venue by reaching 137.57 dB. According to the Guinness World Records website, the Milwaukee Bucks crowd set the loudest record for an indoor arena on Dec. 20, 2008, with a 106.6 dB.

It’s rare that an ownership group is so quick to get behind a fan movement. The Kings already appear to be miles away from where they were when they received that awful franchise rank. They are sending the message of change loud and clear.

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