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The 6 best Bay Area offerings for MLB and MTV’s new partnership

Nov 11, 2013, 2:12 PM PST


Are we suddenly on the verge of Yo! MLB Raps?

On Monday, Major League Baseball and MTV announced what they are calling a multi-year cross-platform partnership.

The result of the partnership will be the launch of a 30-episode series on MTV2 that will feature David Ortiz and Andrew McCutchen as executive producers.

Oh say can you see how the opportunities for mind-bending musical catastrophe are endless?

Should this thing not horrifically implode, here are the top six Bay Area baseball stars that need to be a part of this merger.

1. Coco Crisp – rapper and music producer: Check out this song that Crisp both performed and produced for MLB’s Oh Say Can You Sing album in 2005. It’s called We Got That Thing and it’s surprisingly good. Crisp spends his free time producing music and even has studio equipment in his home. One of his favorite homemade beats is called Eleanor and he named it after his Rolls Royce.

2. Tim Lincecum – lyrical guru / host: If the MLB/MTV joint effort needs a VJ, they should look no further than Lincecum. Check out this note from the 2013 San Francisco Giants media guide:

He is something of a human jukebox. He knows the lyrics to hundreds of songs, from Frank Sinatra to the Beatles to rap, country and techno. He once performed My Prerogative by Bobby Brown for a local Washington radio station when he was in college.

The two-time Cy Young Award-winner has good musical taste and he can perform Bobby Brown songs on the fly? Don’t Be CruelSign him up.

3. Yoenis Cespedes – rap video dancer: Every good music video needs a dancer. You will be hypnotized by Cespedes’ smooth moves and physique. A’s players made sure the slugger’s moves made it to the big screen at the Oakland Coliseum.

4. Lil Wayne – the headline act: “Weezy” serenaded the Giants during the 2012 postseason. Sure, he’s from Louisiana, but if they need a headliner for the new MLB/MTV effort, he would be a solid choice and the Giants have found a way to get him to show up before. If that doesn’t work out, the Giants are also BFFs with Kanye West.

5 . Pablo Sandoval and Hunter Pence – ballroom dance experts: There are far too many foam fingers available at MLB games. If you’ve watched the MTV Music Video Awards you are all too familiar with the perils they possess. MTV needs to class things up a bit if they’re dealing with a traditional game like baseball. Pablo Sandoval and Hunter Pence are the perfect men for the job.


6. A.J. Griffin – Unplugged:  Back in the day when MTV actually played, you know, music, they had a series of acoustic performances called MTV Unplugged. The acoustic performances showcased artists outside of their normal realm. There’s no Bay Area athlete that functions better outside of his element than Griffin. He can often be heard strumming his guitar in the A’s clubhouse.

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