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The single greatest celebratory hockey dance ever

Nov 12, 2013, 4:53 PM PST

If you don’t watch Norwegian hockey, you might want to start now. Narvick forward Adrian Alvarstein busted out his own anatomy of the dance — on ice — after an 8-3 win on Saturday. Yahoo! Sports writer Sean Leahy unearthed the spectacular video.

Alvarstein was on the ice after the game to celebrate being named one the three stars. After handing off his hockey stick to a fan, he broke into a celebratory dance for the ages.

So you think you can dance? Guess again. You may want to take notes.

The (Non-Twerk) Booty Shake:


The Rope Pull:


The Harlem Shake:


 The Hoedown:


The Backspin Into a B-boy Pose:


Simply breathtaking. The San Jose Sharks should take some notes. Alvarstein sort of puts Joe Thornton’s epic celebratory slide to shame. source:

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