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Field of Links: Curry showcases sleeved jerseys in NBA ‘Jingle Hoops’ spot

Nov 14, 2013, 9:15 AM PST

It’s way too early for Christmas commercials. Can’t we at least wait until after Thanksgiving? Anyways, this NBA spot is pretty innovative. Jingle Hoops all the way.

The creativity level is off the charts. You almost don’t notice the hideous sleeved jerseys the players are wearing. Warriors guard Stephen Curry holds his own with Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, James Harden, Steve Nash and LeBron James. There was probably a bit of CG involved, but imagine how awful it would be to shoot that commercial with someone that has a crappy jump shot.

— Oh what fun it is to ride from cheer to a near on-court brawl. The Los Angeles Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder nearly came to blows on Wednesday night. The fracas resulted in ejections for Matt Barnes of the Clippers and Serge Ibaka of the Thunder. Clippers forward Blake Griffin received a technical foul.


Bleacher Report

After the minor disagreement, former Warrior Matt Barnes took to Twitter to vent, which is usually a phenomenal idea.


Screen grab via Bleacher Report

This all would have never happened if every arena had a jingle bell-equipped hoop to calm the nerves of ejected players.

— OK. Back to holiday cheer. Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez was recently named National League Rookie of the Year. The Cuban defector pitched through an incredible amount of uncertainty as it pertains to his family life. If you watch one video today, make it this one. Be ready to shed a tear when he is surprised by a reunion with his grandmother.

Field of Links: 

Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor admits he kept his knee injury secret.

Cleveland Cavaliers courtside reporter Allie Clifton got hit in the head with a basketball during a live report. She just kept on going as if nothing happened.


Does this look like a mayor that smokes crack? *Scans photo and sees jersey and cowboy boots* Hint: The answer is yes.

The Northern Illinois dog mascot gives a high-paw following a touchdown.


— You will certainly lose brain cells after watching this video. What does the Fox say to a pizza delivery guy?

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