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VIDEO: SF Batkid saves Giants’ mascot Lou Seal from Penguin

Nov 15, 2013, 4:38 PM PST

*BANG* *SLAM* *SMACK* Down go Leukemia, Riddler and the Penguin. Five-year-old Miles from Tulelake in Siskiyou County had no problem restoring order in Gotham City on Friday. The lil’ Dark Knight has been fighting cancer since the age of one. Super villains don’t seem too tough after that.

Miles is a huge fan of super heroes. When Make-A-Wish found out it was his dream to be Batman for a day, the plot was hatched. With the cooperation of an entire city and some 12,000 volunteers, San Francisco became Gotham City and Miles became their Caped Crusader.

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source:  Batkid’s day started with reports of a damsel in distress on the Hyde Street cable car line. Miles hopped into one of the two black Lamborghinis emblazoned with Batman logos that were waiting for him and the heroics began. Batkid arrived at the scene and was cheered on by a massive crowd that eagerly watched as he untied the lady that was bound to the cable car tracks. After making the rescue, a trail of green was left behind.

This must be the work of the deviously perplexing Riddler!

Moments later, reports started surfacing of a bank robbery in progress in Gotham City’s financial district. Indeed, it was Riddler, and he was attempting to rob a bank vault. This sounded like a job for Batkid. With a police escort, he arrived on the scene moments later to help thwart the in-progress robbery.

Fighting crime while fighting hunger is no fun. Batkid’s next stop was Burger Bar in Union Square. Do they serve Hero Sandwiches?

Uh oh! A crowd below started signaling for Batkid. From above, it became clear the maniacal Penguin had just kidnapped beloved San Francisco Giants mascot Lou Seal.

source:  As Penguin sped off with the mascot in a Bentley, Batkid gave chase in the Batmobile. The chase culminated at AT&T Park, where Batkid apprehended the squawking villain and saved Lou Seal. After watching a congratulatory message on the scoreboard, Batkid took a victory lap around the bases.

It was a massive undertaking that will no doubt leave a mark on the life of a brave little guy. But S.F. Batkid Day didn’t merely leave an impression on Miles. The streets were packed with people cheering throughout the day. As news of this youngster’s exploits traveled far and wide, it became clear that the lil’ Dark Knight was a shining beacon of hope for everyone.

Thank you, Miles. Keep fighting and winning. The world is a better place with you around.

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