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Josh Reddick and Daniel Bryan face off during beard-off

Nov 18, 2013, 1:20 PM PST

Lately it feels like every Major League Baseball player is rocking a WWE Championship belt. There is one man, however, that started the trend.

Oakland Athletics right fielder Josh Reddick has been showing off his high-quality replica strap since the 2012 season.

Known to be a huge wrestling fan, Reddick always uses WWE entrance music as his walk-up song, wears pro wrestling t-shirts while working out and has a folding chair from WWE Judgement Day in front of his spot in the A’s clubhouse. During Spring Training, he took his love of wrestling a step further when he and WWE superstar Daniel Bryan challenged each other to a beard growing competition.

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The beard-off is supposed to be determined at the conclusion of 2013, with the loser being forced to shave. On Monday, Reddick stopped by to visit with Bryan before Monday Night Raw in Nashville, Tennessee. Reddick trimmed his beard during the baseball season, but appears to have closed the gap on Bryan, who has let his facial fuzz grow wild all year.

Reddick and Bryan’s beard-off has featured several jabs on Twitter, a radio debate, and an over-the-top angry promo by the WWE wrestler.

The WWE’s flagship show, Raw, airs locally at 8 p.m. and they’ll probably show Reddick in the crowd. Don’t expect him to get in the ring and wrestle, especially after recently undergoing surgery on his right wrist.

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Over on you can vote for either Bryan or Reddick‘s beard. It is clear that Bryan has home-field advantage, though.

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