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Field of Links: David Lee went there

Nov 20, 2013, 9:32 AM PST

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry will miss his own bobblehead game with a concussion. Upon hearing the news, we were all thinking it, but David Lee tweeted it.

There are just some things you simply can’t joke about unless you are a guy’s teammate.

— Speaking of the Warriors, they won Instagram on Tuesday.

— It’s known the Stanford Cardinal almost landed both Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III when Jim Harbaugh was head coach, but our 49ers Insider Matt Maiocco has some details on why RGIII decided against joining the Cardinal.

— Yeah, you’re incredibly tired of seeing this play for a myriad of reasons. Everything is better when it is called by former WWE commentator Jim Ross, though.

Field of Links: 

It’s too bad good ol’ J.R. wasn’t around to call the results of the Daniel Bryan-Josh Reddick beard-off. The winner has been determined and the loser has been shaven.

San Jose Sharks veteran Patrick Marleau was in a ‘serious’ car accident on Tuesday. He’s apparently fine.

Amar’e Stoudemire is completely lost on defense.



Staudemire went to the Willoughby school of defense. “Which way did he go George? Which way did he go?”

This lineman touchdown is the highlight of the day.



The N.Y. Jets let a writer call defensive plays during a preseason game. It’s a fantastic read.

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