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The 5 best holiday-themed sports efforts of the season

Nov 26, 2013, 3:24 PM PST

The holiday season is a time of reflection, happiness, giving and truly awful sports crossover efforts. Every year at this time, sports franchises and players inevitably whiff wildly when trying to deliver holiday cheer.

Without further adieu, here are the top five sports-holiday hybrids of the season (so far). Sadly, there will be many more to come in the next month.

1. NBA’s Jingle Hoops: Someone was smart enough to create a massive distraction while showcasing the NBA’s sleeved jerseys. With six NBA superstars taking shots at basketball hoops affixed with jingle bells, you don’t even notice the ugly attire. The advertisement features a high degree of difficulty and creativity.

2. Reading Royals holiday sweaters: This is really happening. When something is intentionally hideous, it becomes spectacular. The Reading Royals of the ECHL are wearing these holiday sweaters on December 14. Even better, they’d probably make a good chunk of change if they chose to auction them off for charity.

3. The animated NHL workshop: An animated Jonathan Toews and a sock monkey operate an assembly line. That’s pretty much all you need to know.

4. Smoking turkey: Detroit Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch misinterpreted what “dressing a turkey” means. Hopefully his swagged out bird didn’t get people ill.

5. The New York Mets sing: The New York Mets thought it would be a good idea to record a holiday video with their players singing “Sleigh Bells.” Cute idea in theory. Unfortunately, the players didn’t buy in and it looks like it was recorded on a green screen in a cave somewhere with the players being held against their will. The interludes from Mr. and Mrs. Met and heaps of CGI snow can’t possibly save this monotonous sleighwreck.  

Honorable mention: Ugly NBA-themed sweaters: OK. So maybe this idea technically doesn’t exist. But thanks to SportsGridyou can imagine what it would be like if the NBA decided to market a line of holiday sweaters. Would it be wrong to admit the Warriors one is kind of cool? They actually took the time to mock up a sweater for each team. 


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