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Field of Links: New Giants t-shirt rips A’s, Why Pearl Jam dislikes Sacramento

Nov 27, 2013, 9:02 AM PST

A new San Francisco Giants t-shirt made by Majestic has some people in the East Bay riled up. The shirt features a Giants logo with the statement “nobody talks about the elephant in the room” written over the Oakland Athletics logo. It’s a bit surprising to see an MLB licensed piece of apparel that openly rips another franchise.

Keep in mind the A’s aren’t innocent victims here. Their “Zero Splash Hits, Four World Titles” campaign that featured t-shirts, Bay Bridge billboards and a sailboat in McCovey Cove certainly made some waves on the other side of the Bay in 2005.

— Meanwhile, a team that claims both sides of the Bay Area, the Golden State Warriors, snapped their three-game losing streak with a 102-101 victory in New Orleans. They managed to win the game without two of their best players on the court. Center Andrew Bogut was serving his one-game suspension and watching from his hotel room. Andre Iguodala missed his second game with a left hamstring injury, but used the downtime to finish organizing his epic shoe closet.

— Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder is a big basketball fan and a native of Seattle. It’s safe to say he isn’t a big fan of the Sacramento Kings. Vedder recently ripped Sacramento in an on-stage rant while the band was performing in Oklahoma City. Vedder’s Seattle SuperSonics ended up becoming the Thunder, and the Kings almost became the SuperSonics, and all of that makes him very angry — but not “Jeremy” angry.

Ryan Lillis of the Sacramento Bee transcribed his comments and removed the potty language:

“The people that really (expletive) us over is Sacramento,” before adding “when you think about it, and if you’ve ever been to Sacramento, they’re already kind of (expletive).”

Pearl Jam performed at Oracle Arena last night and it sounds like Vedder bit his tongue on the matter while in Northern California.

Field of Links:

If you haven’t added Michael Crabtree to you fantasy team by now, you’re probably going to miss out.

— More news with potentially huge fantasy football implications: The Oakland Raiders see Darren McFadden and Rashad Jennings as a rushing tandem.

— This guy better be really good at stand up paddleboarding.

— Sharks are scary, but this may take the cake…  A fisherman in Florida hauled in an 800-pound dinosaur fish.

A man (that probably watches way too many cartoons) sued after slipping on a banana peel. His lawsuit got tossed out when hilarious security cam footage was discovered.

— Brent Burns’ wife and mom made an NHL original six banner for his son’s room. There’s one incorrect team in there. Can you pick it out and name the team that’s missing?

Your latest shameless Anchorman 2 plug of the day: Ben & Jerry’s is making Ron Burgundy ice cream.

Raiders linebacker Sio Moore has a thunder buddy.

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