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Vernon Davis and the 5 best football hurdles of 2013

Dec 2, 2013, 2:58 PM PST

The tactic one St. Louis Rams player used to take down 49ers tight end Vernon Davis is getting a lot of attention. The way Davis found a way to rise above the Rams on Sunday is also worthy of the spotlight, though.

The six-foot-three, 250 pound tight end displayed astonishing athleticism while hurdling defenders on more than one occasion. No wonder desperate measures were used to stop Davis, who even left his coach impressed. On Monday, coach Jim Harbaugh was asked if he gives players other than Davis permission to jump over defenders.

“How many have got 40-inch vertical jumps?” Harbaugh responded. “I just thought Vernon really played exceptional in the game. A few minor things to clean up, but he’s just really dialed in, really excited to play and he did a fantastic job.”

The first hurdle took place in the first quarter of the game. It’s easy to see that Davis’ combination of size and speed is almost unfair.


Davis was at it again in the fourth quarter, when he leaped to avoid Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins during a 17-yard touchdown. He probably didn’t need to jump, but he’ll surely take the style points in the film room.


After watching Davis’ leaps, we thought it would be fun to collect some of the best hurdling attempts of the 2013 football season. These insane highlights aren’t exclusive to the NFL.

The five best other football hurdles of 2013:

5) Redskins running back Roy Helu hurdles Raiders safety Brandian Ross in Week 4:


4) L.J. Scott from Marion Harding High School hurdles a player for a touchdown, but gets penalized on the play:

3) San Jose State Spartans tight end Billy Freeman hurdles a Wyoming defender:


2) Kent State defensive lineman Nate Terhune hurdles a player for a touchdown on a fake punt:

1) This 11-year-old running back from Tennessee went viral for obvious reasons:

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