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Field of Links: Why the Seahawks are scary and possibly evil, Thrifty A’s willing to pay

Dec 3, 2013, 9:32 AM PST

The Seattle Seahawks 12th Man set yet another Guinness World Record for crowd noise and actually created an earthquake in the process. All the team’s players did was throttle the New Orleans Saints 34-7.

The Saints offense even had custom earplugs made for the game. They got the idea after Brett Favre used the same ambient noise canceling earplugs in the Superdome against the Saints in 2009. They didn’t work.

The Seahawks are undefeated at home and will likely have home-field advantage in the postseason. With the road to the Super Bowl running through Seattle, now might be a good time to start getting nervous, 49ers fans. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has the power to summon earthquakes, create deafening fan noise, and rumor has it, he’s working on a way to get laser beams attached to the helmets of the Legion of Boom. He must be an evil genius… (Artist’s Rendering of Evil Pete Carroll)


The Saints’ team plane even broke down before departing Seattle. One glance at the GIF above will tell you who is likely the culprit. The 49ers will get their chance to exact revenge on the Seahawks in San Francisco on Sunday. Carroll’s villains lose some of their powers on the road.

— The Oakland Athletics payroll WAS flush with new spendable national TV revenue money. They spent most of it on Monday. After reportedly agreeing to sign left-handed starting pitcher Scott Kazmir, the A’s shipped Jemile Weeks to Baltimore for All-Star closer Jim Johnson. Why would the Orioles make such a lopsided trade? Johnson’s salary will be in the $10 million range through salary arbitration in 2014 and the A’s were willing to pay. A’s. Willing to pay. Did that statement really just get typed? *Checks previous sentences in disbelief* Yup.

Field of Links:

— A’s clicks: Beane’s busy Monday shows the A’s want to win now. Here’s a look at Scott Kazmir by the numbers.

— Scary news: Several San Francisco Giants prospects were injured in a car crash.

— The coolest thing you’ll see today: A guy turned a building into an operational Rubik’s Cube. It’s absolutely as crazy as it sounds.

Two Reliant Stadium security guards were allegedly fired for taking pictures with Tom Brady.

— Peyton Manning was invited to a fan’s wedding. He “regretfully declined” but autographed the RSVP card.


— This is a couple of days old, but too hilarious not to post: Watch this elderly Chargers fan dance and you’ll be mesmerized.

Delta Airlines bumped 50 passengers to accommodate a basketball team. Good planning.

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