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Seahawks fans plan to fly a ‘Go Hawks’ banner over Candlestick Park on Sunday

Dec 3, 2013, 1:09 PM PST

(Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports)

Seattle Seahawks fans have hatched a plan to fly a banner over Candlestick Park this Sunday.

A group consisting of 100 contributors have pooled together $1,809 to fly the banner that will read, “GO HAWKS-12” for 15 minutes. The airplane towing the banner is expected to reach Candlestick Park 10 minutes prior to kickoff of the Seahawks-49ers game. Seahawks fans Cedric James Morris and Travis Platt created a FundRazr account to come up with the resources and already have made $509 more than their initial goal.

Morris says they plan to donate the excess amount of money to the Wounded Warrior Project.

It’s a clever idea, but most fans will be focused on their tailgating before the game and the actual football on the field as the game begins. The banner in the sky will merely be a nuisance that people can easily avert their eyes to avoid.

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There’s also the possibility of fog. According to the two fans involved, the pilot could elect to not fly and give the money back if conditions aren’t ideal.

Here’s the message that was posted on the FundRazr account that explains their actions:

Many of us can’t make to Candlestick park to support our Seahawks on Dec. 8th when they play the 49ers. To show our dedication and support as members of the 12th man Travis Platt and I (Cedric James Morris) propose that we fly a plane with a banner attached that reads “GO HAWKS-12” over the staduim 10 minutes before kickoff not just showing San Francicso, but the entire nation that we are the most passionate, the greatest, and the LOUDEST fans in the NFL.  The banner would fly for approximately 10 to 15 minutes above Candle Stick!!! The amount total is exact to the dollar of the price for this task to happen, and the pilot has a no fly guarantee.  If for any reason conditions are not suitable to fly, our money will be returned, and every individual that contributes will get any contributions back via paypal.  Let’s show the world, and those 49er’s what the 12th Man is all about.  ARE U FIRED UP?  Let’s make this happen my fellow 12’s.

Go Hawks!!!!!!

Here’s a list of better ways to spend all of that money:

Give it to the Wounded Warrior Project

Donate it to Make-A-Wish

Use it to buy toys and personal items for Seattle Children’s Hospital

Give it to any of these Seattle non-profit groups

How about the Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue?

The Seattle Seahawks Charitable Foundation would probably like the money. That would make the players happy too!

The Seahawks defeated the 49ers 29-3 in Seattle in Week 2. The last time these two teams met in San Francisco, the 49ers won 13-6. The Seahawks are currently in first place in the NFC West with an 11-1 record.

  1. calfire81 - Dec 3, 2013 at 3:37 PM

    Just like a reporter to not get the full story. Cedric is also one of the ringleaders for the Southern California Seattle Seahawks Fans. For the past 2 years we have put our heads together and brought out past Seahawks and refs to benefit Wounded Warrior Project. After our first event we logged into WWP and set up an online account for friends, family and fans to donate. Also, failed to mention in your article any monies left over from our flying banner will also be donated to WWP. Check out our link.

    Jonathan Ellington

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    • Casey Pratt - Dec 3, 2013 at 7:24 PM

      Thanks for the heads up Jonathan. None of that was detailed in the FundRazr page, which was all I had to go off of. The story is updated to reflect the donations from the 12th Man.

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  2. bhisoler - Dec 3, 2013 at 4:18 PM

    Cedric is one of the most selfless people who has been helping people in the Southern California community.

    20% of this above is going to the Wounded Warrior project and has raised money in the past putting his time and blood into a worthy cause.

    It just happens that it brings together 12s together not only to root on our team, but to help others.

    This is all about making people happy, giving and 12th man pride.

    I would hope you would investigate further on how this is from the heart as well.

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    • Casey Pratt - Dec 3, 2013 at 7:22 PM

      I exchanged messages with Cedric and got the details of his charitable donations. The story has been updated to reflect that and link to his Wounded Warrior page. Thanks for commenting!

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  3. nickw206 - Dec 4, 2013 at 7:48 PM

    Hahahaha this article is comical.

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