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Field of Links: The Warriors’ crazy fourth quarter shot chart, Bay Area sweeps Toronto, own your own backyard stadium

Dec 4, 2013, 9:19 AM PST

The Golden State Warriors completed the largest comeback in the NBA this season, and managed to erase their biggest deficit to win a game in 10 years. The Toronto Raptors led the game by 27 points before the Warriors went on a ridiculous 64-28 run to eventually win the game 112-103.

Check out the Warriors shot chart from the fourth quarter. Green is good.


If you missed this game, you’ll want to see the highlights and read the recap by Warriors Insider Monte Poole. You know it’s crazy when even the¬†Warriors’ players themselves couldn’t believe what happened.

— Crazy Toronto mayor Rob Ford was at the San Jose Sharks-Toronto Maple Leafs game. The Sharks won the game 4-2 and hopefully Ford made it home in time to see the Warriors comeback against the Raptors.

— Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane was named Executive of the Year by Baseball America. He celebrated the occasion by flipping players like hotcakes.

— It won’t exactly fit under a Christmas Tree, but for a mere $30 million, the firm that built Yankees Stadium will build you a custom stadium in your backyard. Let’s see your elves top that, Santa.

Now it’s time to build some links.

Field of Links:

— Ellsbury Dough Boy? Both New York tabloids have the exact same headline after the Yankees sign Jacoby Ellsbury.

Red Sox fans are already burning Ellsbury jerseys.

— Your viral animal video of the day:¬†An Eagle pulled off the most epic videobomb of all time.

Lasers! A Denver Post columnist wants the NFL to get rid of the chain gang and implement a system of lasers.

Why Craig Gentry is called “kitten face”

Meet the Kid Warriors.

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