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A 2-year-old named ‘Trick Shot’ Titus made the coolest video ever

Dec 6, 2013, 2:36 PM PST

It’s not a Hollywood blockbuster, but “Trick Shot” Titus still managed to get A-list actors Bradley Cooper and Channing Tatum to appear in his most recent YouTube video. Titus, 2, is a basketball trick shot master, and his videos are getting millions of views online.

In the most recent video posted by his father, Titus hits a collection of shots that you simply must see to believe. He sinks shots from a moving toy car, off the seventh story of a building, and even hits a shot on a 10-foot hoop in front of the crowd at a Wichita State basketball game. ┬áIt’s easily the cutest thing you will watch.

Titus’ skills are pretty legit. He even defeated Shaquille O’Neal on Jimmy Kimmel Live. If he can keep up this pace, he might be the greatest player ever by the time he’s 10. You know the Shaq-ramento Kings will be keeping a close eye on him.

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