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Field of Links: Record demand for tickets to the ‘Stick’s final games

Dec 6, 2013, 9:36 AM PST

Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Giving Candlestick Park a proper farewell is becoming a very pricey proposition for San Francisco 49ers fans. According to, there is a record demand for the final two games at “The Stick.”

The site’s research shows that fans have paid an average of $414 for a ticket to Sunday’s rivalry game against the Seattle Seahawks. The demand for that game is over four times higher than it was when those teams last met in San Francisco. Fans paid as much as $1,400 for a field level ticket on the 50-yard line and nosebleed seats are currently going for $300 online.

Tickets for the Dec. 23, Monday night game against the Atlanta Falcons are already selling for an average of $296, which is the third-highest average seen since SeatGeek started tracking the data in 2009. Prices are expected to steadily rise for what will likely be the final game at Candlestick Park as the game gets closer.

— The San Jose Sharks played a pretty funny prank on Tyler Kennedy before taking on his former team. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all laughs as the Pittsburgh Penguins snapped the Sharks’ six-game winning streak. The highlight package below begins with video of the prank.

— As Robinson Cano and Jay Z negotiated with the Seattle Mariners on a reported 10-year, $240 million deal, fans wreaked havoc on his Wikipedia page. Cano played for the A’s, Astros, and even the Oakland Raiders at times last night. Always double check stuff found on Wikipedia.


Time for factually accurate links.

Field of Links:

— WORTH YOUR TIME: USA Today put together a list of Nelson Mandela’s 15 best quotes.

— OOPS: This unfortunate graphics mistake went viral. Templates can create havoc during breaking news situations, but why would Alex Rodriguez be in a Detroit news station’s template?


— TAKE NOTES KANYE: This is how wedding proposals are supposed to be done.

— WEIRD CLICK OF THE DAY: What some NFL quarterbacks would look like if they were bald. Here’s a sample:


— Just say no to Kabam Field at Memorial Stadium, writes Ray Ratto.

— PURRFECT: The Sacramento River Cats will be embracing the “Caturday” social media trend.

NASCAR driver Jimmy Johnson is recreating scenes from The Hangover on his Instagram account.

He even got Ken Jeong to play along!

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