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A’s, Giants offering up unreal experiences in MLB charity auction

Dec 9, 2013, 1:50 PM PST

The Oakland Athletics are offering fans a chance to join their front office for a day. If you eat, sleep, bleed, and breath orange and black, you could actually have a meal with San Francisco Giants first baseman Brandon Belt.

If you want to do anything special with your favorite baseball team or its players, you have to go through the public-relations director. With that in mind, Major League Baseball has enlisted its 30 P.R. bosses for a second annual Stand Up To Cancer auction.

Each MLB team is offering up unprecedented access and experiences. The auction started on Monday, at the same time as the Winter Meetings, and will continue until Thursday, when the meetings ends.

The A’s are also offering a behind-the-scenes tour during Spring Training, and a guitar jam session with starting pitcher A.J. Griffin. In addition to a chance to dine with Belt, the Giants are also offering up private fielding lessons with Brandon Crawford.

Last season, a fan paid $5,825 to have breakfast with Hunter Pence. That meal with the Giants’ outfielder became one of the top draws of the first version of this auction, which raised over $150,000 for Stand Up To Cancer.

Based on the unique nature of auction, it’s one of the coolest fundraising promotions out there. It’s worth checking out. You can click each experiences below to track the progress.

A’s Experiences:

Be a member of the A’s front office for a day

Guitar jam session with A’s starting pitcher A.J. Griffin

Behind-the-scenes with the A’s during Spring Training

Giants Experiences:

Private fielding lesson with Brandon Crawford

Lunch with Brandon Belt

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