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Case of the Mondays: Seahawks players not tipping their caps to 49ers

Dec 9, 2013, 10:26 AM PST

Kaepernick and Wilson are two of the most popular NFL quarterbacks. (Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports)

Welcome to A case of the Mondays. There’s always a lot going on during the weekend. If you weren’t lucky enough to spend the past two days on the couch, you can catch up on the top five sports items you may have missed here.

No. 1 – Riveting Rivalry: The San Francisco 49ers won a statement game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. After the 19-17 win, it became quite clear this rivalry is becoming one of the most entertaining in the NFL. The 49ers may have won the battle, but in the Seahawks’ eyes, they didn’t win the war.

Seahawks players weren’t tipping their caps to the 49ers after the loss. Quarterback Russell Wilson said he felt the Seahawks should have won the game, and outspoken cornerback, Richard Sherman, also made it a point not to praise the 49ers in his postgame comments.

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“That was the unfortunate part of the game, they probably had more penalty yards than offensive yards,” Sherman said.

He also took a shot at Anquan Boldin, who he sparred with verbally and physically on Sunday: “When it’s so rare that you catch a ball, you’ve got to celebrate it.”

Sherman will be upset to hear the 49ers picked up 318 yards while being “gifted” 85 yards in penalties, and that Boldin had six receptions for 93 yards.

No. 2 – Bad news Raiders: Charles Woodson got awfully descriptive when describing the Raiders’ 37-27 loss to the New York Jets. Raiders Insider Scott Bair was on hand to document the veteran safety’s colorful comments.

“We looked like the Bad News Bears out there,” Woodson said. “In saying that, I want to give a lot of credit to our offense. They never stopped fighting, and they really gave us a chance to stay in the game. Then, defensively, we went out there and basically peed down our leg. It’s just embarrassing.”

Woodson has a point. The Raiders allowed 37 points and fell at the hands of Geno Smith, who had just one touchdown and 11 interceptions in the previous seven weeks. You can see and hear Woodson’s full comments below.


No. 3 – Stephen Curry 700: In just five seasons with the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry already holds the franchise record for most three-point shots made. He drained his 700th and 701st three-pointer on Saturday, while the Warriors beat the Grizzlies 100-82.

If he keeps up the pace, he could have a shot at one day holding the NBA’s all-time record. Ray Allen currently claims that honor with 2,884 three-pointers. 

For fun: Jason Richardson, the Warriors’ previous franchise leader, needed six seasons to reach 700 three-pointers. In 13 seasons with the Warriors, Chris Mullin only hit 590 threes.

No. 4 – Sonny’s ugly sweater: Oakland Athletics starting pitcher Sonny Gray just won every ugly holiday sweater contest ever. Seriously, it’s impossible to top this hot mess featuring Betty Boop. Heck, it’s so weird that it might not even be a sweater. We’ll still allow it.

source:  No. 5 – Let it snow: It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas during NFL Week 14. Fans dreaming of a white field were treated to some unreal visuals in Philadelphia.

It turns out Megatron makes an excellent snow plow. Calvin Johnson wasn’t the only warrior out there braving the elements. East Coast crews had to shovel snow to show the lines on the field, Adrian Peterson claims he was pelted with snowballs while standing on the sidelines in Baltimore, and a Fox cameraman was spotted looking like he was frozen in place.

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It turns out the large man behind this epic 49ers Postgame Live photobomb isn’t actually Adam Synder, but a man named Ryan Partridge. He even took a photo with the Snyder after the game. Mystery solved.

Eli Monroe? Some San Diego Chargers fan made a very disturbing sign.

Not made in America. The U.S. Snowboarding team’s outfits were outsourced to other countries. Burton designed the attire, but the outfits were made in Italy, Taiwan, and Japan. It seems like the same “controversy” surfaces before every edition of the Olympics. Companies should know better by now. Here’s a look at the outfit. 



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