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Here are the many different A’s stadium renderings through the years

Dec 16, 2013, 4:00 PM PST

The Oakland Athletics quest to build a new stadium seems to get more complicated and confusing by the day. That’s an impressive statement when considering they’ve been exploring options for over a decade.

While San Jose sues Major League Baseball, Oakland continues to dream up new concepts, and Fremont fades into distant memory, the only thing getting complete are artist renderings. So. Many. Renderings.

On the bright side, they are fun to look at and dream that someday, in our lifetime, a new stadium will be built. The most recent option is a waterfront ballpark in Oakland. But that vision is just one of the many ideas that have been kicked around. Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Shall we?

Downtown Oakland A’s by HOK Sport (2002):

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Downtown Oakland A’s by 360 Architecture (2005):

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Fremont A’s by 360 Architecture (2006):

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San Jose A’s by 360 Architecture (2011):

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Coliseum City by JVDA (2012):

source:  source:

Howard Terminal by MANICA Architecture (2013):

source:  source:

(H/T: and for making this stuff easier to dig up)

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