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Field of Links: Warriors fan wins free groceries for a year, Rudolph’s baseball-reference page, drunken elf arrested

Dec 18, 2013, 9:27 AM PST

Things couldn’t have gone much better for the Golden State Warriors and their fans on Tuesday. The Warriors got a much-needed victory, Andre Iguodala returned, and it was Mark Jackson bobblehead night. Wait, it gets better. Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut also combined for this ridiculous alley-oop on an inbound pass.


But one of their fans walked out with something much more valuable than a plastic figurine and might have even upstaged Curry and Bogut. This guy won a year’s supply of groceries and all he had to do was hit a three-point shot from the top of the arc.

— Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer has a Baseball-Reference page. What an amazing find courtesy of For The Win.


Rudolph’s stats are listed on the page, but the list of his similar players is a real treat: Rob Deer, J.T. Snow, Dasher Troy, Cupid Childs, Al Clauss, Steve Christmas, Matt Holliday, Holly Hollingshead, Frosty Thomas, and Ozzie Guillen. Brilliant. Time for a list of some links.

Field of Links:

— Sir “Bam Bam” street? San Francisco Giants hitting coach Hensley Meulens now has a street named after him in Curaçao.

The Raiders have trouble evaluating quarterbacks.

— DISTURBING VIDEO OF THE DAY: The Minnesota Wild mascot donned a Green Man suit.

A drunken elf was arrested at a traffic stop. Here’s his mug shot:


Lafayette (Louisiana) Police Department

— This Southern Illinois coach’s rant includes references to house-training puppies, mama’s boys, and his wife.

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