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Collinsworth: 49ers a legitimate contender, Dennis Allen deserves another year

Dec 19, 2013, 1:44 PM PST

Michael Crabtree (15) reacts after his touchdown with teammate quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7). (Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports)

The San Francisco 49ers, as they say in Hunger Games, have the odds ever in their favor. In the most recent update from, the oddsmakers still think it’s highly likely the 49ers could win the Super Bowl.

The only teams with shorter odds to win it all are the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos. The 49ers will likely have to find a way to make it without home field advantage, though. The Seahawks are in first place in the NFC West and have the best record in the NFL. They currently hold a two-game lead over the 49ers with two weeks remaining.

Sunday Night Football analyst Cris Collinsworth also believes the 49ers have a legitimate chance to return to the Super Bowl. Citing the return of Michael Crabtree, the skills of Vernon Davis, and the return of Aldon Smith, Collinsworth believes the Seahawks and 49ers will be the last two teams standings in the NFC.

Odds to win the Super Bowl (

Seattle Seahawks: 9/4

Denver Broncos: 13/4

San Francisco 49ers: 15/2

Carolina Panthers: 14/1

Kansas City Chiefs: 14/1

New England Patriots: 14/1

The oddsmakers from the same site believe that Dennis Allen isn’t likely to return as the Oakland Raiders head coach in 2014. Collinsworth disagrees. He thinks the Raiders need to give both Allen and general manager Reggie McKenzie more time. Collinsworth notes that they inherited a salary cap mess that needed to be cleaned up, and wants to see what both men can do with a more level playing field.

The Raiders are 4-10 and have two tough games remaining. They take on the San Diego Chargers in San Diego on Sunday, and finish the season against the Denver Broncos.

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