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Mayors make sweet bet on 49ers-Packers game

Jan 3, 2014, 2:57 PM PST


It could be the coldest game in NFL history, but San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and Green Bay Mayor James Schmitt are spreading warm and fuzzy feelings by making a friendly wager.

If the 49ers win the playoff game on Sunday against the Packers at Lambeau Field, Mayor Lee will receive Beerntsen’s Chocolates and kringle from O&H Bakery. For those unfamiliar, kringle is a Scandinavian pastry and the official dessert of the state of Wisconsin.

Mayor Lee is wagering Ghirardelli chocolate and a dozen of Bob’s Donuts. The loser will also wear the opposing team’s hat while reading to local school children. Fortunately, no cheesehead hats are involved.

Mayor Lee announced the wager on the his web page. The release contained some smack talk between both politicians. The Mayor of San Francisco seems awfully confident.

“History repeats itself. Last year, the Niners beat the Packers to open the regular season, and then the Niners beat the Packers to advance in the Playoffs,” said Mayor Lee. “This year, the Niners beat the Packers to open the regular season, and I have every reason to believe that, once again, Red & Gold will prevail over Green & Gold, and the Niners will beat Green Bay again to continue their Quest for Six!”

Mayor Schmitt’s smack talk didn’t make quite as much sense, geographically speaking.

“The Packers are on a roll right now and will continue that roll over the Golden Gate Bridge and over the 49ers,” said Mayor Schmitt. “We look forward to a Packers win.”

If the Packers rolled over the Golden Gate Bridge on Friday, they’d see that San Francisco City Hall is lit up with red and gold lights to honor the 49ers. Both Mayors are encouraging the fans of their respective cities to treat each other with class and dignity.

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