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Field of Links: Bankers make a Sourdough Sam-inspired bet

Jan 9, 2014, 10:13 AM PST


A market president for Bank of America in Charlotte, N.C. will have to go to work dressed as a gold miner — pickaxe and all — if the 49ers win on Sunday.

San Francisco and Charlotte are two of the biggest bank towns in the country and they apparently take rich rivalries to a whole new level.

— The 49ers are sending out tickets for the NFC Championship Game at Candlestick Park — just in case. If the New Orleans Saints beat the Seattle Seahawks and the 49ers beat the Carolina Panthers, there will be one final game at the ‘Stick. Here’s a look at the tickets via a user on Reddit.


— The Golden State Warriors were a couple of late-game turnovers away from making history. After traveling 3,800 miles over a seven-game road trip, they were still able to fly home with their heads held high after losing 102-98 in Brooklyn. A 6-1 road trip is something to be very happy about, especially when considering 11 of their next 15 games will be at Oracle Arena.

Here’s a fun read: Former Stanford star and current Portland Trail Blazer, Robin Lopez, explains his love of everything Disney, his geeky comic book collection, and picks his three favorite movie wizards. Time for some wizardry of our own. Enjoy these magical links!

Field of Links: 

Colin Kaepernick says he’ll never forget being selected 35 picks after Cam Newton.

— PASS OR FAIL? Sharks insider Kevin Kurz has submitted his midseason grades.

See what happens when you jump on a frozen trampoline.

— CLIP OF THE DAY: Excited woman falls and takes out the announcer on “The Price is Right”

It turns out that Philip Rivers’ special bolo tie was sent to him by a fan.

— GRIN AND BEAR IT: Clutch The Bear scares Houston Rockets players after practice.

— DUNK CAM: Colin Kaepernick was posterized by Alex Boone in the locker room.’s position by position breakdown of the A’s continues: Shortstop

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