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A Bay Area tattoo shop is offering 49ers tattoos for $49

Jan 10, 2014, 4:44 PM PST

Many fans claim they bleed their favorite team’s colors, but Silver Needle Studios in Concord is accommodating the brave souls that are willing to put their money where their mouth is. For the duration of the 49ers’ postseason run, fans can stop in to get a 49ers tattoo for a discounted rate of $49.

Sure, jerseys, season tickets, and even custom haircuts, are fine ways to represent your team. But those things are all temporary. They can be tucked away or hidden when times get tough.

Real fans get tattoos. That’s a true commitment.

Tattoo artist Mark Sanchez Jr. and his wife, Tina, own Silver Needle Studios. They’re life-long 49ers fans. They came up with the idea last season before the 49ers’ trip to the Super Bowl and were surprised by the buzz it brought.

“One day, as soon as we opened, we did seven 49ers tattoos,” Sanchez Jr. said.

The whole process is pretty quick. A fan that walks into the studio will pay the $49, have a stencil of the 49ers logo drawn on their body, and then once the desired location is double and triple checked, the work itself takes about 30 minutes.

“Less than an hour of your time and you’re permanently scarred with your team,” Tina Sanchez said with a smile.

If you’re not too overwhelmed by the pain, the employees of the shop will definitely distract you with sports banter. They are all Bay Area fans, and the never-ending 49ers vs. Raiders or A’s vs. Giants debates are heard as frequently as the stinging sound of the ink-loaded needle.

On this occasion, Lenny Chiechi, a 27-year-old 49ers and Giants fan is getting the work done. A former employee of Silver Needle Studios, he’s no stranger to the process or the pain. His new 49ers tattoo is located under a Giants logo on his left arm. Chiechi says his dad raised him as a 49ers fan and frequently told him tales of witnessing “The Catch” live.

“Whenever I think of the 49ers and when I was younger, it’s always him telling that story,” Chiechi said while getting his new tattoo. “It takes me back and makes me realize how much history is there. Especially this year, with it being the last season at Candlestick Park.”

Chiechi has a child on the way and has already purchased a 49ers onesie. In 18 years, the kid will be old enough to get some ink.

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