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Field of Links: Check out Michael Crabtree’s special edition Air Jordans

Jan 10, 2014, 10:19 AM PST

They say you never understand a man until you walk a mile in his shoes. Hopefully, sprinting on a football field counts just the same.

Could San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree be following in Michael Jordan’s championship footsteps? Crabtree will be wearing special Air Jordan VI cleats on Sunday. According to Nike, the VI are modeled after the same shoes that Jordan wore en route to his first NBA Championship in 1991.  Check out these sick kicks.

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The cleats are only available to Jordan Brand athletes. Nike made a red and gold version for Crabtree and a neon green version for Seahawks safety Earl Thomas.

— The San Jose Sharks have been continuously chomped on by the injury bug, but their wounds didn’t slow them down one bit against the Detroit Red Wings. The Sharks won the game 4-1, thanks in part to a two-goal night from Joe Pavelski. Check out Pavelski’s incredible display of hand-eye-foot coordination on this goal.


Lopsided wins in the NHL often get a bit chippy (hockey lingo), and that was certainly the case on Thursday night. Red Wings center Daniel Clearly could be looking at disciplinary action for elbowing Scott Hannan in the head late in the third period. Before the league had a chance to look at the video, Hannan decided to issue some disciplinary action of his own. Hockey is the best.

Stephen Curry moved up to second place in NBA All-Star voting among Western Conference backcourt players. Curry could finally be a lock to make the All-Star Game. Warriors insider Monte Poole has the details.

— Oakland Athletics public enemy No. 1, Justin Verlander, had surgery to repair his core. Carrying the Detroit Tigers apparently leads to considerable wear and tear.

The California Golden Bears upset the No. 17 Oregon Ducks on Thursday night with a big 96-83 win. The upset shouldn’t come as a big surprise, though. The Golden Bears have won 12 consecutive games against the Ducks.

Field of Links: 

— NBA PLAY OF THE DAY: Kevin Durant juked Kenny Faried right out of his shoes.


Yasiel Puig has given up driving.

— This is pretty cool. Kings center DeMarcus Cousins sent a blog a thank you note.

Stop the presses: Apparently Dan Le Batard wasn’t the first BBWAA writer to crowdsource a Hall of Fame ballot.

Charles Barkley played beer pong on live TV during an interview with HLN.

These people started skiing on Detroit’s abandoned buildings, which is convenient because there are so, so many abandoned buildings there.

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders attached a GoPro to a hula hoop.

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