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Orioles’ Bud Norris loves the 49ers and Warriors

Jan 10, 2014, 5:36 PM PST

Bud Norris is paid to pitch for the Baltimore Orioles, but his heart remains in the Bay Area. Norris, a native of Novato, appeared on MLB Network’s Intentional Talk wearing an old-school San Francisco 49ers jacket and beanie. The bulk of the segment was spent talking about the 49ers’ postseason chances and the Warriors.

Norris, 28, is a big fan of 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. He noted how impressed he was when Kaepernick threw an 87-mph fastball during a ceremonial first pitch at AT&T Park. The Orioles’ pitcher admitted that he couldn’t match Kaepernick on the football field, but he did say that he could out-throw him on the mound.

“If he wants to go schlep it in the minor leagues for a couple years to see if he can make it, I’m sure he’d have a real opportunity,” Norris told Intentional Talk host Chris Rose. “He has a great arm.”

Speaking of attributes, during a rapid-fire segment of the interview, Norris said he’d rather have Stephen Curry’s jumper than Kaepernick’s escapability.

“It’s butter, it’s so clean,” Norris said.

Norris won’t be a free agent until 2016. Perhaps there’s a chance he’d take a hometown discount from the Giants or A’s.

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