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How to slow down Marshawn Lynch

Jan 13, 2014, 1:24 PM PST

Marshawn Lynch is a tackle-breaking, play-making beast on the football field. So, aside from taking away his magical Skittles, how do you slow him down? You have him recite lines for a commercial.

Vita Coco recently released a blooper reel from a recent shoot with Lynch, and it’s pretty funny. The Oakland native trips over his lines, lip-syncs rap songs, and plays with a Mr. T doll. It’s a side of Lynch that isn’t often seen.

Recently, Lynch was fined by the NFL for refusing to speak with the media.┬áSan Francisco 49ers fans will be hoping the star running back stays silent on Sunday in the NFC Championship Game. The 49ers have prevented Lynch from reaching 100 yards in each matchup this season, but “Beast Mode” reached the end zone three times in those two games.

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