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49ers matching funds raised by fan billboard in Seattle

Jan 14, 2014, 4:47 PM PST

From trolling to fundraising, the pro-49ers fan billboard in Seattle has certainly captured it’s share of attention. Now, with some help from the actual San Francisco 49ers, it’s about to become more visible than ever.

In December, a group of 49ers fans decided to raise money to purchase digital space on a billboard near CenturyLink Field. They needed $7,000, but easily overshot their goal. As a result, they decided to donate the excess funds to Seattle Children’s Hospital.

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On Tuesday, the 49ers agreed to match up to $100,000 of the funds raised by the group. They have already raised over $12,000.

The billboard is located on Interstate 5 in Milton, Washington,¬†about 27 miles from the stadium. They came up with the idea after Seahawks fans flew a banner around Candlestick Park and purchased a brick at Levi’s Stadium. You can make a donation using the below widget, and the 49ers will match it.

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