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Field of Links: Kaepernick unfairly criticized

Jan 14, 2014, 9:22 AM PST

Since the Seahawks and 49ers are meeting in the NFC Championship Game, a four-month-old graphic put together by a Seattle fan is once again making the rounds on the internet. The graphic paints 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick as a self-indulgent, shoe-collecting jerk, while portraying Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson as a perfect individual.

Here’s a look at the propaganda. It is followed by a more accurate representation.


Many websites posted the image, but Yahoo! Sports did a great job debunking the unfair notion that Kaepernick is self-centered NFL diva. A 49ers fan even took it a step further, and made a more accurate representation of the graphic. We can all agree this one is a less-biased representation of the two young quarterbacks.


— Stephen Curry is humbled by the effort of the fans to vote him into the All-Star Game, writes Warriors insider Monte Poole. It’s refreshing to see an NBA Superstar that’s so grounded.

— Check out Arsenio Garate (@Doodlefreak) on Twitter. He’s recapping the NFL playoffs through cartoon illustrations.

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