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Harbaugh caught on camera purchasing $8 khakis

Jan 15, 2014, 1:22 PM PST

Behold the power of the internet. On Tuesday, Jim Harbaugh’s wife, Sarah, called into a talk radio show to express disdain for her husband’s pleated khakis.

During the interview, she explained that she threw away all of her husband’s pleated pants, only to find that he went to Walmart and purchased several more pairs for $8 a piece during the NFL Scouting Combine.

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On Wednesday, a Twitter user named Austin Jeffers posted the actual photos of Harbaugh buying the pleated khakis. Jeffers must have Nostradamus-like foresight, as he is actually pointing to the khakis in the photo. Spooky.

The story checks out. Jeffers says the photo was taken at the Walmart on Lafayette Road in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is the closest Walmart location to Lucas Oil Stadium, where the NFL Scouting Combine takes place.

Enjoy your 15 minutes of internet fame, Austin. You earned it.

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