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The Kings could change the way you see the game

Jan 21, 2014, 1:49 PM PST

Someday you might be able to see through DeMarcus Cousins' eyes during a game. (USA TODAY Sports)

Basketball fans are about to see their favorite game differently. On January 24, the Sacramento Kings are planning to become the first professional sports team to broadcast live game angles through Google Glass.

While the Kings players take on the Indiana Pacers, unique first-person views will be provided by Kings mascot Slamson, the cheerleaders, and sideline reporters. The point of view angles will be shown on the jumbotron inside Sleep Train Arena and online.

The technology was developed by Silicon Valley software company CrowdOptic, and tested by the players on January 12.

This is a particularly exciting development. If this goes well, it could be a step toward fans actually seeing through the eyes of their favorite player during a live game. Imagine that.

“It is just a matter of time before Google Glass is an integral part of the fan experience of watching live sports,” Kings president Chris Granger said in a release. “We are very excited about the many future possibilities working with CrowdOptic.”

The technology exists that could forever change sports as we know it, and it is constantly getting better. While a Google Glass lens could possibly be built into the visor of a football helmet, it would probably be a tougher sell for basketball and baseball players, but imagine the possibilities.

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