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Forbes: Warriors are one of the NBA’s most valuable teams

Jan 22, 2014, 6:30 PM PST

The Golden State Warriors haven’t won an NBA Championship since 1975, but their fans consistently pack the house and support the team. After a trip to the Western Conference Semifinals, the turnstiles are clicking and the merchandise sales are continuing to increase.

According to Forbes, the Warriors are worth $750 million, which ranks ninth in the NBA. The average NBA team is worth $634 million, up 25 percent from last year. The New York Knick top the list with an estimated value of $1.4 billion. Here’s the entire list.

 The Top 10 Most Valuable Teams in the NBA (according to Forbes)

1. New York Knicks ($1.4 billion)

2. Los Angeles Lakers ($1.35 billion)

3. Chicago Bulls ($1 billion)

4. Boston Celtics ($875 million)

5. Brooklyn Nets ($780 million)

6. Houston Rockets ($775 million)

7. Miami Heat ($770 million)

8. Dallas Mavericks ($765 million)

9. Golden State Warriors ($750 million)

10. San Antonio Spurs ($660 million)

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