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Rob Ford, Lil Wayne, and super computers predict the Super Bowl

Jan 27, 2014, 1:53 PM PST

Super Bowl week is officially upon us, and everyone has an opinion about what’s going to happen on Sunday. Perhaps the most irrelevant take on Super Bowl XLVIII belongs to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

On Monday, Mayor Ford showed up to a press conference wearing a Denver Broncos jersey. He’s clearly supporting the Broncos because offensive lineman Orlando Franklin is from the Toronto area.

Mayor Ford knows a thing or two about football…


Meanwhile, a machine called The Predictalator took a more scientific approach and ran 50,000 simulations of the Super Bowl. After crunching the numbers, it was determined the Seahawks will beat the Broncos by an average score of 23.8-21.5. In those simulations, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was the most important offensive player in the game, and cornerback Byron Maxwell was the most important defensive player.

The Predictalator doesn’t think Peyton Manning will be a big factor. He averaged 241.3 yards, 1.9 touchdowns, and 1.1 interceptions in the simulations.

For what it’s worth, the same prediction machine ran 50,000 simulations of the NFL season, and determined the 49ers would beat the Broncos in the Super Bowl. They were close.

EA Sports did a game projection of their own. Through a Madden 25 game simulation, it was determined the Broncos will beat the Seahawks 31-28 on a snow-dusted field. A virtual Matt Prater kicked the game-winning field goal, nearly hitting the left upright. They even released a video.

Rapper Lil Wayne also offered his prediction in an interview with Peter King on Monday Morning Quarterback. Like the Manning family, Lil Wayne is a native of Louisiana. Here’s what he told King:

“Honestly, I don’t want to use the word ‘surprised,’ but it is unexpected to see Seattle in the Super Bowl. I expected Peyton. He’s been there before. And I love Russell Wilson. But they are not playing in Seattle. I just can’t see Peyton losing.”

In other words, no one has an idea what’s going to happen on Sunday — no matter what they say.

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