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A Minecraft gamer built a virtual Levi’s Stadium out of blocks

Jan 31, 2014, 12:43 PM PST

source:  A gamer created a stunning and imaginative version of Levi’s Stadium using the video game Minecraft. What is Minecraft, you ask? Well, it’s a basic building block game that doesn’t really have a central theme or objective. Users can break and stack blocks to create whatever type of world they’d like.

The simplest way to describe it: Virtual legos for grown ups.

This version of Levi’s Stadium is very accurate when it comes to the stadium itself, but takes some creative liberties when it comes to the behind the scenes elements of the stadium. For example, the user also built an indoor playing surface, which is pretty cool, but would take up a lot of room.


I’m willing to bet 100s of hours went into the construction of this virtual block version of Levi’s Stadium.

As far as real Levi’s Stadium is concerned, 49ers project executive Jack Hill tweeted a picture from the 50-yard line on Thursday night. He says the stadium is 78 percent complete.

If only real life was a simple as Minecraft.


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