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Case of the Mondays: SB48 fallout, Red Hot Chili Raiders, Jumbo’s juke, and a 75-foot game-winner

Feb 3, 2014, 10:30 AM PST

The Seahawks are Super Bowl Champions. (USA TODAY Sports)

Welcome to A case of the Mondays. There’s always a lot going on during the weekend. If you weren’t lucky enough to spend the past two days on the couch, you can catch up on the top five sports items you may have missed here.

No. 1 – This one stings a bit: It just wasn’t your year, 49ers fans. That’s fine. It happens. While the nemesis Seattle Seahawks celebrate their first Super Bowl win, keep the following in mind: The 49ers roster will once again be stacked next year, and it’s Super Bowl 49.

It sure seems like it’s in the cards, but all of that probably doesn’t ease the searing pain in your eyes upon reading this tweet.

source:  No. 2 – Golden Bear Down: The undefeated Arizona Wildcats couldn’t “bear down” against the California Golden Bears.

Cal stunned No. 1 Arizona with a 60-58 upset win after Justin Cobbs hit the game-winning shot.

The shot also shocked the fans in attendance, who rushed the court with 0.9 seconds still left on the game clock.

Cobbs, a senior, scored the Golden Bears’ final 12 points to snap the Wildcats 21-game win streak.

No. 3 – Red Hot Chili Raiders: Red Hot Chili Peppers’ frontman Anthony Kiedis didn’t put on a shirt until after the Super Bowl… and it was a Raiders shirt. It looks like the Raider Nation can claim another famous fan.

source:  No. 4 – The captain makes it happen: The San Jose Sharks snapped their three-game losing streak this weekend, and they did it against the Chicago Blackhawks, one of the best teams in the league.

Joe Pavelski scored a shorthanded goal, but the highlight of the game definitely belonged to “Jumbo” Joe Thornton. Check out the juke move he used against Corey Crawford to win the shootout. Thornton’s goal or Cobbs’ shot might have been the best plays of the weekend… until this happened.

No. 5 – A Hornet hail mary: The play of the weekend happened in Sacramento, as the Hornets defeated Weber State 78-75 in overtime.

After Davion Berry from Weber State tied the game with three-pointer with two seconds left on the clock, Dylan Garrity desperately heaved the ball 75 feet to win the game. The reaction from the crowd is priceless.

Three to see:

If you’ve made it this far, clearly you have some time on your hands. Here are three stories that you simply must see:

Frank Caliendo’s impression of Jim Harbaugh was the most entertaining thing that happened on Super Bowl Sunday.


Richard Sherman kept it classy after the Seahawks won the Super Bowl.

A 9/11 “truther” interrupted the Super Bowl MVP’s presser. Where’s security when you need them?

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