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GQ names Kap the most stylish man in the NFL

Feb 3, 2014, 1:36 PM PST

Colin Kaepernick would prefer to be both a Super Bowl Champion and a fashion icon. Unfortunately, he’s one for two.

On Monday, GQ Magazine named Kaepernick the most stylish man in the NFL.  He graced the cover of the same men’s fashion magazine in August.

Here’s what GQ had to say about Kap’s style:

Colin Kaepernick’s got as much game in the style arena as he does on the football field. His proportional awareness, sneaker sensibility, and understanding of tonal play puts him in the elite class of well-dressed athletes. The NBA guys should watch out—the next crop of super stylish athletes look like they’re coming off the gridiron.

Apparently, the NBA trumps the NFL when it comes to fashion. Stephen Curry’s Grammy night kicks would agree, but Kap’s “tonal play” (did I really just type that?) is off the charts! Here he is looking like a cybernetic organism from the future at a recent Jaguar event:


Kap uses his fashion sense for good, though. The 49ers’ quarterback recently made the day of a pre-teen fashion designer by rocking his vest.

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Before you get up in arms about the young quarterback’s fashion sense and dub it a distraction, just know this: Kaepernick surely knows that a Vince Lombardi Trophy goes with every outfit perfectly.

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