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Field of Links: There could be more Warriors sleeved jerseys, Josh Hamilton gains 28 pounds, Beast Mode for Fireball

Feb 6, 2014, 10:05 AM PST

Sleeved jerseys are here to stay. (Credit: USA TODAY Sports)

The Golden State Warriors are reportedly developing more sleeved jerseys. Here’s the scoop from Uni Watch via Bay Area Sports Guy.

There was a sleeved Warriors jersey in very dark gray, with a dark gray logo on the front and yellow numbers.

• There was another sleeved Warriors jersey (Golden State is apparently trying to set some kind of record in this category), this time in black with red and gold trim, and with Chinese characters on the front where the uni number would normally be.

The Warriors were the first team to rock the sleeved jerseys by Adidas. It looks like they are here to stay. The sleeved jerseys were worn on Christmas and will be featured in the All-Star Game.

— The San Jose Sharks got back in the win column on Wednesday, but it wasn’t exactly pretty. Sharks insider Kevin Kurz explains why Team Teal looks like a team that’s eager for the Olympic break.

— Imagine the 49ers without Anquan Boldin this season. OK. Now picture him in bright green and blue. Yeah. He probably deserves a raise, writes Ray Ratto. 49ers insider Matt Maiocco examines what might be a fair price for Boldin.

Matt Cain is paired with Matt Bettancourt at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton says he put on 28 pounds this offseason. After signing a five-year, $125 million contract, he had one of the worst years of his career. Maybe the extra weight will help.

— This is the video of the year. Check out Marshawn Lynch as he tries to coax a fan into handing over a bottle of fireball during the Seahawk’s parade.

Time to (responsibly) drink up some links…

Field of Links: 

— FROM RUSSIA WITH FLEAS: A stray cat loves the luge course / A stray dog is barking at skiers as they compete.

The Lakers bench was so depleted that Chris Kaman was able to lay down for a quick snooze.

source:   — Former Sharks player, Bill Guerin, built a hockey rink in his backyard for an estimated $500,000.

— SAD NEWS: Curt Schilling was diagnosed with cancer.

Justin Bieber played hockey in a gold chain and skinny jeans. Sadly, no one gave him a reality check, or any kind of check at all.

— THE POWER OF THE INTERNET ON DISPLAY: After a father’s emotional plea to access his late son’s Facebook account was picked up on Reddit, he got his wish.

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