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This is what it would look like if the NFL sold team logos to sponsors

Feb 6, 2014, 2:33 PM PST

Professional sports leagues and broadcast companies will leap at the opportunity to sponsor almost any aspect of the game. Fortunately, in most leagues, the team logo is sacred — even if the uniforms occasionally aren’t.

So, what would it look like if the National Football League sold out to corporate greed?

Enter Logo Remix, a website that mashes up NFL logos with corporate logos. They designed a new logo for each of the NFL’s 32 teams, and the results are fun and amusing — as long as they stay nothing more than a concept.

Here’s the Oakland Raiders logo mashed up with electronics manufacturer LG:


The Raiders design is pretty basic. You can pick out the company immediately. The 49ers logo was a bit harder to figure out.


Upon first glance, were you able to see the 7/11 theme? It’s not as obvious. There are some much crazier designs on the Logo Remix site. The Denver Broncos-Ford Mustang design and Washington Redskins-McDonalds mashup are two of the more interesting images on the site.  Check out all 32 designs here.

[H/T: For the Win!]

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