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Field of Links: Disco demolition night at Oracle Arena

Feb 13, 2014, 11:10 AM PST

A piece of the disco ball at Oracle Arena fell and shattered during the game between the Golden State Warriors and Miami Heat. If something like this happened at the Oakland Coliseum, you’d never hear the end of it, but next door, it’s considered a mild safety concern.

Speaking of the Warriors and Heat, how entertaining would a seven-game series between those two teams be? They battled to the end on Wednesday night, but LeBron James got the last laugh with a buzzer-beating three pointer for the win. The Warriors, of course, beat the Heat in Miami last month. The Dubs are 31-22 heading into the All-Star break.


Levi’s Stadium is expected to be louder than Candlestick Park, writes 49ers insider Matt Maiocco. Most of the noise will come from the lower bowl, which will be the largest in the league. Of the 68,500 seats, 45,000 will be located on the field level.

The fine folks at 49ers Studios put together a compilation of Jim Harbaugh’s funniest press conference moments.

— The Oakland Raiders signed Grey Cup MVP and fan favorite Kory Sheets, insider Scott Bair has the details. Maybe the “Kory Sheets Shuffle” will have a new home in Oakland.

On second thought, maybe that should be left that in Canada.

— Spring Training is around the corner. Here are five A’s storylines to watch.

Jonny Gomes shaved off his beard for charity.


Thousands of people gathered on the Cal campus to remember student athlete Ted Agu.

Field of Links: 

Someone made an unbelievable Space Jam NBA 2k14 video game mod.

Curling is more dangerous than we previously thought.

John Elways gets a three-year extension and Broncos GM title.

— The New Orleans Pelicans mascot got a nose job… is still ugly.


Here’s an unbelievable JV hoops dunk.

Freestyle skiing is even harder when your pants fall down.

Did you hear that Derek Jeter is retiring? Never mind. You probably did.

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