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A glimpse inside NaVorro Bowman’s rehabilitation

Feb 14, 2014, 2:14 PM PST

The road to full recovery for a professional athlete can be extremely difficult. Since it takes place in private, most fans don’t appreciate how much work goes into getting an All-Pro football player back onto the field after a severe injury.

That’s why it’s so amazing that 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman’s girlfriend is posting daily video updates of his rehabilitation. The fine folks at Niners Nation were the first to discover the truly fascinating Instagram posts and they have a detailed description of what’s taking place in each video that’s worth checking out.

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You’re used to seeing Bowman cut around the field with ease before laying the lumber on opponents. Watching him learn how to walk again is a bit different. The first behind-the-scenes glimpse came from Bowman, just before Dr. James Andrews performed the surgery to repair the ACL in his left knee.

Just days after going under the knife, the rehab process began, and Bowman’s girlfriend started posting short videos.

Day 3 – Bending at the waist while standing: 

Day 4: Leg raises:

Day 6: Crawling: 

Day 7: Upright and walking on crutches: 

Still Day 7: Stability work: 

Day 8: Bending the knee: 

Day 9: Standing on the left leg with no support:

Day 10: Walking without crutches: 

These are all simple moves that are taken for granted on a normal day. But in these videos, it’s obvious that everything is difficult shortly after knee surgery.

Hopefully these videos keep coming, because we’ll all have a whole new perspective upon watching Bowman return to the football field.

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