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Field of Links: A’s dropping ‘Oakland’ from web domain, Sogard in semifinals

Feb 26, 2014, 9:46 AM PST

Courtesy (@RFTy149 on Twitter)

Conspiracy theory alert: The Oakland Athletics have removed “Oakland” from their web domain. The new streamlined is easier to type and more convenient for web surfers that don’t have an autofill browser, but there will be people out there that make this about the team’s efforts to move out of Oakland. The tinfoil hat-wearing public could note the change is better for branding, since it now matches their “@Athletics” Twitter and Instagram accounts. 

— You’ve probably noticed that your Twitter timeline is being hijacked by Eric Sogard fans again. Sogard is facing Jose Bautista in the semifinals of the “Face of MLB” competition. The bespectacled, likable, underdog infielder has a legitimate chance to make it to the finals against David Wright. You may as well jump on board and help completely undermine MLB’s online efforts. Why not? Besides, look at this face:

— Discrimination doesn’t pay. Arizona could lose the Super Bowl if it passes an anti-gay law.

The Sacramento Kings are working to buy out Jimmer Fredette.

— Tomas Hertl could return to the ice soon, writes Sharks insider Kevin Kurz. Hertl’s aqua aerobics classes must be working. He posted this photo on Tuesday.

Time to run through some links!

Field of Links: 

I feel the same way when I can’t find my Ipad.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets slapped by a whale.

Hipsters are getting beard transplants.

Coaching the lowly Houston Astros bullpen might have adverse effects on people.


 — The Texas Rangers could have at least put up a backdrop.

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