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Field of Links: 2Pac look-alike at Warriors game, Danville teacher asks Will Ferrell to Senior Prom

Mar 6, 2014, 9:37 AM PST

A Tupac Shakur look-alike attended the Warriors-Celtics game on Wednesday. The crowd even started chanting for him. The real 2Pac would probably be happy the Warriors won. He was known to root for East Bay teams

The Giants starting pitchers are on a rare spring roll.

A San Ramon Valley High School teacher is asking Will Ferrell to chaperone the Senior Prom with him.

The mysterious Google barge is on the move.

This WWE-themed prank call is one of the greatest things ever.

Are the 49ers keeping an eye on Texas A&M wide receiver Mike Evans?

What can’t Jim Harbaugh do? Change his clothes for one.

Shaq is crowdfunding to make Shaq-Fu 2, which couldn’t possibly be worse than the original Shaq-Fu.

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