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There’s a Golden State Warriors sport coat

Mar 7, 2014, 1:40 PM PST

There’s a new sport coat for the consummate professional that is forced to suppress the urge to scream like a lunatic fan, while secretly watching the Warriors play an East Coast game during business hours.

Men’s Warehouse, a Bay Area company, and the Golden State Warriors have teamed up to create a Warriors special-edition coat by Joseph Abboud. Fans can purchase the coat and get fitted at Oracle Arena during the following games:

·         Sunday, March 9 against Phoenix Suns

·         Tuesday, March 11 against Dallas Mavericks

·         Friday, March 14 against Cleveland Cavaliers

The coat will set you back $349, which is actually a pretty good deal when considering the perks involved with the purchase. The special sport coats will be presented to the proud new owners in a special suite with NBA legend Jerry West present. The limited-edition coats will also grant special access to the Warriors Courtside Club when worn inside Oracle Arena for a game.

There will only be 150 of these coats made.


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